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Your Daily Dose of Inspiration with Wicked Soap Co.!

It’s no secret that the Wicked Soap Co. out of High Tech High holds a special place in our hearts. Matt Martin let us pilot the platform in his classroom, and it’s been super exciting to watch their company grow. As we near the end of the school year, the Wicked Soap Company (which was recently featured by CBS!) decided to use some of their profits to support a graduating classmate with a $500 scholarship. Earlier this year, the Wicked Soap Company began accepting applications for the scholarship – for which eight senior High Tech High students applied. Based on financial need, the applicants were then whittled down to four. The applicants were asked to describe themselves as an individual and student, why they chose the school they’re attending, what makes them passionate about the degree they’re pursuing, and how they’d use the $500 if it awarded to them. After reading the applications, Wicked Soap Company students voted to award the scholarship to Erimar Luna.

Maria, a sophomore from the WSC, said that during the emotional ceremony in which Erimar was awarded the scholarship, “She talked about the real world skills she mastered, and how she learned to communicate.” In the 9th grade, Erimar used to get so nervous before a presentation that she would cry; however, by her junior year she presented to the entire school, and soon, she’ll be speaking at her high school graduation. These achievements would be major milestones for any student, but in addition to all this, Erimar overcame incredible adversity in her personal life while maintaining a 4.05 GPA. Matt summed it up perfectly saying, “I’m confident we chose the right student for the scholarship. She worked hard, endured challenges in her home life, and has come very, very far.” Erimar will be attending UC Santa Cruz – her top choice school – in the Fall and pursue a degree in Communications with the hopes of being a High School counselor.

We love that both Erimar and the students of Wicked Soap Company can see their hard work pay off in such a wonderful, rewarding, and immediately tangible way. Congratulations Wicked Soap Company, Matt, and – of course – Erimar on your achievements! The world is a better place because of you.

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