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Best Practices of 2018

What a year! 2018 was full of new challenges, new ideas, and new EdCorps. We’ve been tossing the EdCorps Community best practices and tips and tricks all year to help guide you through the business building process. Just in case you missed some, see the list of our top 5 tips + tricks of 2018 below!

#1 Reflect

If we don’t take time to reflect, learning can be lost.

Some classrooms write their reflections down, and some classrooms get creative! Karen Pfeffer says her 4th graders at Ivey Ranch Elementary like to use Flipgrid to record reflections. That way, they have fun while reflecting AND they can easily look back on their efforts and use it as a playbook for the future!

#2 One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Reach out to local shops, restaurants, or look within your own home – there are lots of wasted resources that could go to use! By upcycling materials, you’re saving your business money, AND it enhances your brand story!

Project Eco Paws is an EdCorp in Oceanside, CA that produced their dog toys product with donated ropes from a local climbing gym!

#3 Parents can be your best resources

Don’t be afraid to poll the audience! Get the parents involved by sending home a survey asking about their expertise and invite them to come help with a project or sit on your Board of Advisors!  

Third-grade teacher Keely McGreevy of Urban Discovery Academy helped her students assemble their Board of Advisors by sending a Google Form to the parents of the class. They got 10 responses of exciting volunteers who have expertise in everything from finance to manufacturing. Many parents also offered to come in and present to the class!

#4 Apply for the job you want!

Ready to make it official? Create job applications and interview your students for the positions. Make it official by having them sign on the dotted line!

Want to know about creating job applications for your students? Check out this blog post here, from Paula Maxy fo Nixa, MO who had her fourth graders of Cutting Edge Kids and Charmed apply for jobs!

#5 Create Emails

Take your business to the next level!

Create department (marketing, finance, production, etc.) email addresses for the students to use as they interact with customers + connections. Plus, it’s a great way to combat those pesky student email blocks. The Upstander Brand is working on creating emails for separate divisions creative and budget!