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The Real Deal: VIDA Dreamers Pitch RWS

By: The 6th grade entrepreneurs

Editors Note: Their sales pitch was outstanding, and we love our buttons from VIDA Dreamers. To order your own buttons from this amazing student-run business, check them out at www.vidadreamers.com

Perspective One – The Graphic Designer:
Hi! My name is Kaya and I am a 6th grader at Vida, Vista Innovation and Design School. I am the graphic designer in a button business that I am in. We get orders for buttons around school and around the community. We also sell our buttons at local events.

We recently got a button order from Real World Scholars. (RWS) The button order was for a few hundred buttons. We worked hard and now, Real World Scholars wants to buy even more buttons from us. Me and 4 other students practiced and gave a pitch to the 4 RWS adults that came in to watch.

My experience with doing the pitch was pretty good. I was a little freaked out when the 4 adults came in and sat down in front of me. I was a little squeaky because I had lost my voice that day. But everyone seemed to hear me clearly. I had a few sentences to say for the pitch. I think I did pretty good. I wrote my part to say and the other students who were speaking the pitch with me wrote their own too. Anderson, Abby, Bella and Annika did the pitch with me. Everyone in the audience was staring at us as we talked about the prices and bulk orders of our buttons and button business. At the end, some students in the crowd and us at the front answered questions the adults had. When most of the students had left the room, the 4 adults videotaped and interviewed the remaining students. The 4 adults and Mrs. Kriedeman were the last to leave. I think it was fun because I really like speaking in front of the class and in front of large crowds and this was an amazing opportunity for me to do that. Overall, I had a very fun experience.

Perspective Two – Collaborating with the Experts

I am a student at Vista Innovation and Design Academy in Vista California, and I am in a class called Character Leaders. We have an EdCorp through Real World Scholars where we run a button business called Vida Dreamers.

Last fall RWS contacted my teacher, Mrs. Kriedeman, about placing an order for buttons. Mrs. K told us we had to prepare a pitch for the founders of EdCorps/Real World Scholars, John Cahalin and Elyse Burden.

The whole class was excited and researched how to write a pitch, and we interviewed a professional through Nepris, Mr. Michael Dugan, who gave us so much helpful information. For example, he helped us figure out that our buttons needed to really pop and show how amazing RWS really is. Mr. Dugan also helped us with pricing for our products. The experience of video conferencing with a professional was enlightening! We want to do another video conference through Nepris on how to expand our online presence for our button business.

When I volunteered to do the pitch and present it, I was a little nervous. My experience doing the pitch for RWS was unique. I have never had to talk in front of a big group with so many important people being there, so when the idea of the pitch was created, I was nervous but happy that I was apart of it. Then our team of five people got together creating the pitch, it was hard at first. We did not know exactly what we were doing, but we got the hang of it after a while.

When we started our pitch, it was just Andersen, Bella, Kaya and I but then Abby started helping out and then eventually became part of the group. We worked as a group, goofed around, and slowly created the final pitch. It was exciting to know I was a part of this group and a lot of fun as well. We added some of Mr. Dugan’s ideas to our pitch which made it even better. Then we split the pitch in different categories and sections that each person would present. The categories changed several times, especially mine. As we prepared to present the pitch, we practiced in front of our class. I messed up a few times because of the changes to my section of the pitch. I memorized my pitch and practiced in my head until the day where we would present.

Finally the day arrived for us to present our pitch, and I was nervous to do the whole day. Then when it was time to present it. My Heart was beating, and I started to worry. Will I mess up and be embarrassed? When the time came, we gathered in a group for a quick pep talk. After I presented, I felt proud of myself. I think I did pretty well. I spoke slowly and clearly. I even answered questions that John and Elyse asked. Also I realized I really am a confident public speaker! Overall it was a positive experience, and I am glad that I did it. Our pitch was a success and we sold $200 worth of buttons!