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Student Spotlight: Destini of RocketTech! (Part #2)

We love to help students flex their philanthropic muscles. Social giving and bettering their communities with revenue generated from their EdCorps provides students with an opportunity to see their hard work pay off in a kind, tangible way. Destini, a senior at RocketTech based in Pandora, OH, found motivation to thrive in her EdCorp by supporting a cause she’s passionate about.

In a brainstorming session lead by her EdCorp teacher, Mark Suter, Destini found that helping out and giving back to her community was an important motivator for her to contribute to Rockettech’s success! Rockettech generally uses their revenue to make their designs and videos even more cutting edge and exciting, but Destini felt that the money could be repurposed for something else. “His initial thought was that if he can’t give me the money, why not direct it toward something I (or any project lead) really care about?” Destini told us.

Destini’s desire to help children in need became the driving force behind her choice of charity, so she did some research and found an Ohio based charity, A Kid Again. A Kid Again is dedicated to improving the lives of children with life threatening illness through fun community led activities and adventure! “Being able to give other people experiences like that makes me love doing what I do.” Destini says. “Most of high school is simulations and pretend, but being able to see the work I am doing on the actual internet being used, and then to see that the work I just put in not only benefits the client, but it now also benefits these children that I get to donate to. It’s those things that make you realize that you can make a difference.”

Congratulations Destini, Mark Suter, and Rockettech on a job well done! We can’t wait to see what you accomplish! To share your student stories or learn more about starting an Edcorp in your classroom, contact us at contact@realworldscholars.org.

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