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Student Spotlight: Destini of RocketTech! (Part #1)

Today’s student spotlight is on Destini, a high school senior and member of RocketTech, an EdCorp focused on web design and video production in Pandora, OH. Helping build an EdCorp has led Destini to challenge herself and develop some crucial real world skills.

Suffering from social anxiety, Destini found herself in a sticky situation in a past RocketTech meeting. “Earlier this year, I actually had to take a phone call because I was the only one available at that moment in time, and I felt overwhelmed and very anxious about it. During the conversation on the phone, I had felt that I hadn’t come across as professional, and I tore myself up for it,” Destini wrote in a RocketTech blog post. Destini’s rockstar teacher, Mark Suter, saw Destini’s discomfort communicating on the phone as an opportunity for learning, and put her in charge of a project that required Destini to speak to RocketTech clients on the phone. Destini reflects, “This week, my first phone call, Mr. Suter talked to the client first, and once they had the necessary information, he handed the call to me. I then asked them the feedback questions we had pre-written as a team. My last phone call, Mr. Suter didn’t interject or even sit and listen because he knew that I could now do it on my own.” Even more importantly, Destini knew she could do it on her own. By pushing herself out of her comfort zone, Destini was able to see that she was capable of taking risks and living up to her Real World Scholar potential!

Starting an EdCorp is not only an incredible way to introduce project based learning into your classroom, but can also have remarkable effects on students’ self-esteem and their ability to perform in real world environments. To share your student stories or learn more about starting an EdCorp in your classroom, email us at contact@realworldscholars.org.