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Focus Medley

Stress and anxiety relief at your fingertips w/ this collection of Focus Fidgets!

$5.00 USD

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About the Store

Wicked Focus was started by a freshman humanities class in 2015 to help reduce stress and anxiety on campus. Using design thinking, students spent months prototyping various types of fidgets, working with potential users to develop the most effective designs. Today, students sells these small, hand-held gadgets throughout the community and online to help customers release the anxious energy keeping them from focusing on their real goals.

Focus Burger

$5.00 USD

With several flat components, it's easy to take apart and put back together in any combination!

Focus Clicker

$5.00 USD

Click your way to calm with this clickable open fidget.

Focus Wheel

$5.00 USD

A simple wheel, it's easy to be lulled by the smooth spinning of the Focus Wheel.

Our Classroom

A Look Inside Wicked Focus

Dan Ryder

Farmington, ME & 9th Grade

About Dan Ryder

Educator, improviser, design thinker, Dan Ryder is an 18-year veteran English teacher at Mt. Blue Campus and a 2017 Apple Distinguished Educator. Dan and his students started Wicked Focus to build tools that help students handle stress and anxiety. You can find Dan at @WickedDecent and

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