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Breathtaking photo mounted on a handmade frame.

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About the Store

Welcome to the El Camino Student's Eye photography. We take these photos, and these photos represent us as a class. Our mission is to express, to learn, and to capture the times we want to see again. All money collected will be returned to the classroom to better ourselves as students and as photographers, by buying new equipment and materials. Thank you so much and enjoy.


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5x7 on Canvas


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8x8 on Canvas

Tahoe Waves

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8x10 on Canvas

Our Classroom

A Look inside Student's Eye

Heather Russ

Oceanside, CA –12th Grade

About Heather Russ

Heather is from Arizona but teaches Visual Arts at El Camino High School. She enjoys volleyball, traveling, and making art and says her greatest accomplishment has been raising a beautiful and intelligent cat. When it comes to the business, she loves how the experience has made her classroom community come together