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Jumbo Candle

Large candle with a variety of scents.

$6.00 USD

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About the Store

The first EdCorp in the state of Nevada, Korder's Corner was started by 5th graders at Claude and Stella Parson Elementary. We make all of the candles by hand with herbs from our school garden. This means that we don't use any chemicals in our candles. At Korder's Corner, we make handcrafted candles and offer them at a reasonable price so that anyone can have them in their home.

Jumbo Candle

$4.00 USD

Large candle with a variety of scents.

Blue Mason Jar Candle

$4.00 USD

Beautiful blue jars with a variety of scent options.

Small Boot Candle

$2.00 USD

Limited Edition! Get your small boot candle today!

Our Classroom

A Look Inside Korder's Corner

Casey Korder

Las Vegas, NV 5th Grade

About Casey Korder

Casey Korder has been an educator in Las Vegas, Nevada for 10 years. He started Korder's Corner with his 5th graders students at Claude and Stella Parson Elementary School to provide them more diverse learning experiences. He is also a 2016 PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator You can find him at @cjkorder and