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A professional website that's easy to update. Includes client training.

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About the Store

We develop students into young professionals. By creating websites, we fill a genuine need for businesses and gain experience and confidence as young professionals that think like entrepreneurs. We reinvest our income into the community in the form of service projects, student scholarships, and equipment upgrades. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. We believe if the work is not professional grade, you don't pay us. We don't encourage mediocrity, and neither should our clients.

Our Classroom

A look inside Grit 9

Mark Suter

9th-12th Grade – Elida, OH

About Mark Suter

Mark is a father, husband, and the Director of Grit9. He believes the disconnect between real life and school is fused with Grit9. Why is Grit9 successful? He embraces messy, open questions and treats students like adults. He says, "I am a student myself. I make mistakes daily, and openly admit them. I invite my students to do the same.