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Fan Face- Small

Cheer your friends and family on with this small Fan Face! (6 in. x 9 in.)

$5.00 USD

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About the Store

Fan Faces turns your photos into personalized, hand-held cheering fun! Great for sporting events, celebrations, holidays and much more! All Fan Faces are made by Ms. Howey's class at Trombly Elementary School. Fan Faces is passionate about supporting local causes, such as Michigan Animal Rescue League and Crossroads of Michigan, and donates a portion of each sale to a charitable organization. Fan Faces looks forward to cheering you on!

Fan Face- Medium

$8.00 USD

This Fan Face is perfect for celebrating graduations, weddings, birthdays, and football games! (9 in. x 12 in.)

Mini Multi-Pack (set of 3)

$10.00 USD

We'll use the photo you give us to create a multi-pack of 3 Mini Fan Faces, our newest and most portable version yet!

Fan Face Accessory

$1.00 USD

Fan Face Accessories will help make your Fan Faces even more FUN!

Our Classroom

A look inside Fan Faces

Susan Howey

Grosse Pointe, MI - 4th Grade

About Susan Howey

Susan Howey is an educator from Michigan who started Fan Faces with her fourth grade class. She has been in the classroom for 24 years and is passionate about edtech, PBL, and Twitter. Susan is a self-proclaimed PD junkie, Scrabble who loves spending time with her dog Finn.

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