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About the Store

The first EdCorp, the Wicked Soap Company was started at the end of 2014 after teacher, Matt Martin, decided to transform his soap making project into a handcrafted soap business. Over the years, students have fine tuned their recipes, rebranded, and built a business that is recognized throughout the San Diego Community. Students have made over 10k, which has been directed back to deserving students in the High Tech High Community via college scholarships and emergency relief.


$5.00 USD

A lavender blend that will leave you relaxed and revitalized.

Lemon Grass

$5.00 USD

A blend of lemon grass and coconut oils which will help keep your skin soft and supple.


$5.00 USD

This vibrant rose blend will brighten any shower.


$5.00 USD

A coconut-based soap with the smell of tropical fruit to leave you feeling refreshed.

Our Classroom

A look inside the Wicked Soap Company

Matt Martin

San Diego, 10th Grade

About Matt Martin

A chemistry teacher at High Tech High Media Arts, Matt Martin is a 14-year veteran educator who started the very first EdCorp, Wicked Soap Company. Matt founded Wicked Soap Company to immerse students in entrepreneurship, helping them convert what they learn in class into products that sell. You can find Matt at @MM_Chem.

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Your Daily Dose of Inspiration with Wicked Soap Co.!

It’s no secret that the Wicked Soap Co. out of High Tech High holds a special place in our hearts. Matt Martin let us pilot the platform in his classroom, and it’s been super exciting to watch their company grow.

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Google Features Wicked Soap Company!

Awesome news! Google recently visited Matt Martin and the Wicked Soap Company at High Tech High Media Arts to highlight their student-run business and all of the exciting ways that students have been engaged and inspired because of it.

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