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Sales as a Motivator – How the students of The Cub Scrub Soap Company track it, learn it, and love it!

I am going to offer you a peek inside The Cub Scrub Soap Company, which is operated by 5th-grade students at Pride Elementary in Tampa, Florida.  The students run every facet of the business. They create the soaps, design & operate the website, market the products, and volunteer after school hours to sell the soaps… they do it ALL! One aspect of our business that I am particularly proud of is the sales incentive program.

Our process started on a simple piece of notebook paper, but has evolved into a fully computerized spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is kept in a special, yet discreet area of our soap making station. This way it’s not a focal point of our classroom, but it is there as a tool when we need it.

At first, we bounced around incentive ideas for prizes like homework passes or candy, but ultimately, students decided they would rather have the opportunity to do something different: create a special, custom bar of soap to take home with them.

One of the major benefits of setting up a sales contest is that the kids get excited. They know that if they contribute to the company’s growth, they will get something in return. After all, they are doing the work, so a little reward is a nice way to say thank you.

The Way It Works

For every 5 bars of soap a student sells, they get to make one for themselves (or a friend/family member).  It’s awesome to see how much thought, time, and energy the students put into trying to create something special.  They find out favorite colors, scents, and shapes, and really pour their hearts into making them (that’s punny!).  

When the year wraps up, we will have an awards ceremony in order to properly recognize our top sellers. In addition, we will have a pizza party for everyone because, in one way or another,  all students contribute to making our business successful…and because pizza parties are always a good idea!

Our sales incentive program started from the beginning, but sales can serve as a good motivator at any point in the school year. Hopefully, you will be inspired to start your sales incentive program with your own kiddos.

Laurie Gonzalez, EdCorp Founder.