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Reflections from the Heart

Founder reflects on the Heroes With Heart Journey

By Sherrie Silvio, Art & Maker Teacher, Bethlehem-Center Elementary

The Heroes With Heart Students


Our Journey: In thinking about the past year, I realize just how far the students have come. Our story began when one student had an idea to make a stuffed animal that a child with cancer would adore and cuddle, also known as a Stuffie. From that discussion, the Stuffie and our EdCorp, Heroes With Heart, was born. In fact, we have over 100 Stuffies being made with care and love in our classroom.


A Stuffie awaits a cape

Our Product: We have four stuffed animal choices in bright colors and soft fabrics, each with a superhero eye mask, cape, and a heart is sewn on where the heart should be. The cape also features a symbol, and the students assigned a positive message to each shape, such as Silver Lining, Love, Luck, and Strength.

A student works on accounting and record keeping

Our Learning: Through building Heroes With Heart, my students have learned perseverance, patience, craftsmanship, collaboration, mentoring, problem-solving, prototyping, math/accounting, marketing, branding, giving, and of course sewing skills. They use sewing machines and hand stitch each Stuffie.

Girls step up and lead the class

Our Leadership: I am especially in awe that the girls in this grade are stepping up.  I can see the confidence they have gained from this experience and enjoy watching them take on more active leadership roles.

Working at the Silhouette machine to make packaging

Our Ownership: All students have been able to participate in some role during this process, which is so important. Everyone has that feeling of ownership. We are completing our production and will start selling soon. The students have decided to donate some Stuffies as well as some of our profits to the Children’s Hospital. I am so proud of their skills and teamwork.

Over 100 Stuffies getting ready to sell

Our Future: While bins of 100 Stuffies are ready to sell, we are beginning our talks on how to proceed next year and what goals they would like to set with their EdCorp. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the process of making and producing a product and not take the time to look back.  Our journey has been so great this year. My students really are Heroes with Heart.

Heroes Video  Watch this video of the Heroes with Heart students state their slogan, “You’re our hero, I’m your heart – Stuffies!”

Follow the journey of Heroes With Heart on Twitter at: @heroswithheart1 and on our website: www.heroeswithheart.com

See more information about EdCorps at: www.edcorps.org.