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Packaging & Logo Design with Central Relaxation!

By: Emma & Quinn of Central Relaxation

Finding the Perfect Packaging:
My name is Emma and I am an eighth grader from our student-run business, Central Relaxation! We create organic and simple bath fizzles, body butter, cocoa butter, and lip balm. One thing my team learned when developing our products was that packaging is extremely important. It catches the eye, draws customers in, and makes our products seem professional. Although this process is certainly fun, it can be a lot of hard (yet rewarding) work! Going into this process, we knew we needed our packaging to be very cost-effective, while also looking simple and cute. Additionally, we wanted it to be easy and quick to assemble so we could package many products and increase productivity.

We were really lucky because after scouring the web for possible products, we came across bags and string to use very quickly. When they arrived, we were very excited because our bath bombs fit in the bag and the string was an adorable touch! However, this packaging step will probably not be easy for everyone. You will want to make sure you like the design, it has the correct measurements, and that it will fit into the shipping boxes provided for you by EdCorps. After testing out the look of the brown paper bag and twine, we realized we needed a way to identify which bath bombs were in each bag. Also, we knew we wanted to incorporate our logo somewhere onto the package. So, like always, the Central Relaxation girls came up with a solution! We decided to print our logo onto a round sticker to put on the bag, and we also created color-coded label tags to loop through the twine. After much problem-solving, hard work, and lots of laughs, we finalized our packaging! It was lightweight, functional, and simply adorable. Just what we were looking for!

Designing a Flawless Logo:
My name is Quinn and I am also a part of our student-run business. Not only did we need the perfect packaging, but we needed to create a logo to give our company a visual representation. We then partnered with our graphic art teacher for some help. As a group we took scratch paper and started drawing what came to mind when we heard “Central Relaxation.” This is how our logo came to be. We had many good options as to what we wanted our logo to look like, but at the end we all voted on one in particular. This was only the first step in creating our logo. After having a certain design picked out, we turned to our graphic art teacher Mrs. George for help. We learned how to create a clear and simple design that would be appealing to costumes. We learned how certain colors go together better than others and how to pick a legible font. From there we played with the size of the text, and the fonts. For example, we had to decide if we wanted “Central” and “Relaxation” to be the same size or the same type of text. Our final decision ended up having “Central” being a different font than “Relaxation”.

Finally, it was time to add simple touches and finalize our design with color. We learned that colors from the same color spectrum didn’t look as good as colors that contrast with one another. For example, using colors like red, orange and yellow together were not a good idea. This brought us to decide on colors like black text, purple outlining of objects, and dark army green colored leaves. These colors looked simple yet clean together. A logo is very important to have. Our logo is used on our business cards, t-shirts, packaging for our bath fizzles, and our labels for our lip balm. With Real World Scholars’ help, we were able to create our dream product, gain insight on what entrepreneurship is like, and have the opportunity to learn outside of textbooks and quizzes. This experience really shaped our views on the world and how it works, and we never would have been able to achieve this without a quality product and packaging that was visually appealing. Now that you have gained a bit more insight on arguably the most important step of creating a product, we hope you go out into the business world with new knowledge, drive, and passion! Good luck!