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Man’s Best Friend…Or EdCorps Best Friend?

You hear it all the time – “Do what you love.” So it’s no surprise that when students are faced with designing a product, pets come into the mix quite often. Lucky for our student-run businesses, the pet industry is booming and has lots of room to grow. Take a look at some of the pet-related EdCorps in the community.

Project Eco Paws

In 2018, the students of Project Eco Paws at Carlsbad High fell in love with some dogs in the community and were inspired to create dog toys. They got resourceful and gathered old ropes from local climbing gyms. From those ropes, students created upcycled toys, perfect for any dog.

Project Eco Paws created a campaign called “Product for Paws,” that donates a product to the Humane Society with each purchase.  

Fan Faces

Last year, Fan Faces wrote a “hump day” commercial spin-off and made a camel Fan Face. This led to the idea that Fan Faces doesn’t need to stop at human faces, why not create animal Fan Faces, too?

As the dog and cat orders started coming in, Fan Faces released a new product called PupCake Toppers. These cupcake toppers, are mini Fan Faces of your pet, sold online & at Bow Wow Baketique, a bakery in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan. They are a fun, personalized way to celebrate your pet.

Over the last 2 years, Fan Faces has donated hundreds of dollars to pet-related charities. They have donated to the Michigan Animal Rescue League and to photographer, Rachael Rodgers, who takes shelter dogs out for hikes/kayaking & photographs them in order to get shelter dogs more exposure.


Paracord Pets

As students at Sperreng Middle School ideated and brainstorm products earlier this year, one of the students named Sierra came up with an idea. She asked, “What about making pet collars?” She shared her hobby of making bracelets using a material called Paracord, a slim but sturdy material commonly used in parachutes. She began experimenting with dog collars and brought her prototype in to share with her peers. And so, Paracord Pets was born, a business that creates handmade, high-quality pet collars.  


Paracord Pets is helping their local animal shelters by donating 10% of every product sold to the American Kennel Club and the Westminster Kennel Club.

“When the students give back to the shelters, it gives them a sense of accomplishment.” – Eric Robb

Paracord Pets is also beginning a marketing campaign featuring customers dogs as their models! If you want to fulfill your pets modeling dreams, purchase a collar and send them a picture!

Follow them on Instagram, and Twitter- @PetsParacord

FH Gizmos

A team of 6th graders at Knollwood in Fair Haven, New Jersey understand the simple yet powerful purpose of pet ID tags. They identified a problem – without an ID tag, people won’t know where to bring lost pets. FH Gizmos creates and sells custom engraved pet ID tags made out of lightweight aluminum. The tags come in a variety of colors and can even have a personal message engraved.

Tags cost only $5 and $1 from every tag purchased is donated to the Monmouth ASPCA, an animal shelter in New Jersey. In just two weeks, FH Gizmos has already sold 6 ID tags and they anticipate sales will grow as a result of their new partnership with local pet shop, Bark Avenue Puppies.

“We have had so much fun learning about marketing and entrepreneurship. We have been testing new marketing strategies such as our Instagram, @shore.tags, where we frequently post about our newest sales and accomplishments. We have also been experimenting with flyers.” – Monica, Charlie, and Katie, members of Shore Tags.

Shore Tags will ship their tags anywhere in the world, so get yours today at FHGizmos.com!