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Jodie and Ashley, Allen Distinguished Educators!

All of our teachers building EdCorps in their classroom impress us with their hard work and ingenuity every day. Now, two of our incredible educators have a Paul Allen Distinguished Educator Award to show for it! Jodie Woodruff of The Met (Providence, RI) and Ashley Greenway of Elm Street Elementary (Rome, GA) were both recognized as Allen Distinguished Educators (ADE), a Paul G. Allen initiative, last month at SXSW in Austin, TX. According to Vulcan Philanthropy, the award was created to recognize teachers who have “the entrepreneurial mindset to rethink education” Ashley and Jodie are doing just that with their students!

Jodie Woodruff has been an invaluable part of the EdCorp community, sharing ideas and help the platform grow and expand. Jodie’s extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial education comes from directing (and conceptualizing AND creating) the nation’s first freestanding entrepreneurship center for a public high school. Jodie is integrating the EdCorp platform into her curriculum in a unique way. Jodie’s students are starting “Coffee with Kids”, a pop-up coffee shop where students sell coffee, meet with entrepreneurs and mentors, pitch their other business ideas, and get real life networking experience. They are working with companies like CVS and are set to launch this spring at retail space in Downtown Providence.

Ashley Greenway and her 1st graders started Sugar Kids Beauty, a fully operational sugar scrub company, out of their classroom. They’ve sold over $16,000 since they launched in August 2015, and have since been recognized by the Georgia House of Representatives for their outstanding philanthropic work in their community. Sugar Kids Beauty is broken into five student-run departments: Marketing, Finance, Creative Design, Research and Development, and Shipping and Handling. As students move through the departments, they become “experts” in each particular focus and then help to train new groups in a comprehensive and innovative approach to learning. Ashley’s students are involved in everything from 3D printing to social media marketing, customer research to sales. Most impressively, they are using all of their profits to benefit community causes like supporting local veterans and food pantries.

Congratulations to Jodie, Ashley, and all the ADEs for the amazing work they do!