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Giving Back: How Hannah Candle Company Made an Impact

The Hannah Candle Company

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to think about what you’re going to do with the profits the shopping season brings! Some EdCorps reinvest their profits in the business while others buy new technology for their schools. Additionally, many EdCorps like The Hannah Candle Company, choose to donate their profits to causes that they care about.  

Tanya O’Malley and her fifth grade students opened The Hannah Candle Company in 2015. While The Hannah Candle Company makes beautiful soy wax candles, the major focus of the business is charitable giving. To date, the business has made over $5,000 and donated to more than 25 organizations. Tanya splits the profits up evenly and her students are given the unique opportunity of identifying a cause that they would like to contribute to. Each student then writes a letter to the organization explaining why they selected the specific cause to accompany their donation. Here’s what the students had to say:     

“I made my donation to Nick Jonas’s charity Beyond Type 1. I chose that charity because Nick Jonas has Type 1 diabetes and I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I think donating to this charity will make a difference because he helps kids like me.” -Tehya

“I donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. I donated to them because of my grandma. She had Alzheimer’s and died a while ago. She got it at a young age and I want to help prevent that for the generations to come, including my generation. My family really misses her and when I found out about donating, something clicked. I knew I would donate to a charity that helped end Alzheimer’s.”-Katrina

Aaliyah, Jesenia, Tehya, Elsa, and Katrina

“I donated to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. I chose that charity because I want every dog and cat to have a forever home. The last thing I want is for an animal to be stuck in a kennel for the rest of its life. I donated $50 so that they can get pet food and health supplies to fix up the animals and get them looking good! Every pet deserves a good home, and every owner deserves a healthy pet.” -Elsa

“The charity I donated to was Yellowstone Forever. The reason I chose this charity is because I like hiking, camping, and being outside. Then I thought I would give back to America’s oldest national park. With the $50 I donated, I was hoping to increase the safety of the animals and people that visit the park.”-Ryan

“I donated to Action Against Hunger because I really wanted to make sure that people had the right nutrients and vitamins they need. Action Against

Hunger provides food and water to several countries who don’t have enough food. I think it is very, very important for families around the world to have safe, clean drinking water and food to feed themselves and their children.”  -Jesenia

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