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First Sale Celebrations

Ah, the first sale. There’s nothing quite like it. High fives, dance moves, double takes: someone you don’t know chose to purchase something you created. Wow!

Selling items all of us need — books, sunscreen, pet toys — the EdCorp, Some Needs We All Need, was founded by Paula Intravaia and her students at Carmel Del Mar Elementary School, in Del Mar, CA.

They launched their website the Friday before a holiday weekend. By the time the class returned to school, they had orders in their inbox! It felt like a real success.

But selling to real customers doesn’t mean they’ve reached the finish line. Paula and her students quickly realized that it was time to divide and conquer to keep up with the demand. The different departments of Some Needs We All Need sprang into action! Paula reflected on the process:

  • First, the departments needed to clearly communicate how to get the product to the customer. Then, the team that oversees online sales coordinated with the Product Team, who had to work through the steps of delivering a packaged item ready to ship.
  • Second, the class had to figure out shipping logistics, which was a big deal! The biggest take away from that experience is how grateful we all are for local pick-up orders!
  • Finally, the package was en route to the customer, but the Product Teams quickly realized they needed to restock!

“These are just some of the pieces of the puzzle that came together after our first sale. With each sale, the students become more confident, and the process becomes more streamlined. The buzz from the first sale generates excitement and legitimacy, triggering new sales, and the cycle continues! Most importantly, everyone felt a sense of accomplishment and community.” – Paula Intravaia 

Celebrating our first sale!


Check out www.SNWANEED.com and learn more about Some Needs We All Need (@SNWANeedEdcorp ) !