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More than just Giving: Forming meaningful partnerships and making an impact

Sometimes shipping your work out, means bringing in the right person in. That’s what Central Relaxation did when they got to hear from from an industry professional who also makes an impact on the community. Talk about a win/win! Read what Mckayla Tyson and Caitlin Jacobs, of Central York Middle School, learned from their guest below!


Our business, Central Relaxation, an EdCorp located in Pennsylvania, got a visit from Becky Krauft who works with Make A Wish Foundation. After hearing about our EdCorp, Make a Wish reached out to us to educate the class on their amazing organization and see if Central Relaxation and Make a Wish would be a good fit! Miss Hopkins and our class couldn’t wait to welcome the organization and learn more! Becky gave the class an overview of what the charity was, including some very interesting data and facts about Make A Wish!


Our business began in 2016 with a $1,000 grant and from the beginning our mission was to use the money as a way to give back to our community. Since then, Central Relaxation has made donations to many organizations! For example, at the end of the school year, we donated over $1,000 to 4 different organizations including the SPCA, Kids Helping Kids with Cancer, The Women’s Shelter of York, and the Panther Pantry (our district’s food pantry). We are hoping to expand and donate to other great organizations!


One of those great organizations is Make-A-Wish. Miss Krauft gave us a brief overview of what they do, and it sparked our interest. Make-A-Wish Foundation is a nonprofit organization that receives money from fundraisers to grant severely ill children one wish. This wish could be anything from a puppy, to a trip to Disney! Whatever it is, they do their best to make it happen! Miss Kraft educated us on the steps they take to make these wishes possible. First, the child must be referred by someone for the whole process to start. In order to receive a wish, they must be ages 2-18, and their specialist helps determine if they are eligible for a wish. The wishes can be filed under 5 categories; a gift wish, celebrity wish, travel wish, occupational wish, and giving wish.


After hearing more about the organization, we determined that Central Relaxation and Make A Wish Foundation are indeed a good match! It aligns with the mission and vision of our company, and we get to make a difference to kids like us! This is why we hope to collaborate with Make-A-Wish in the near future, specifically with their teen group!
McKayla Tyson and Caitlin Jacobs
Michelle Hopkins is a middle school educator at Central York Middle School in York, PA who started Central Relaxation with her students. Check out Central Relaxation at www.CentralRelaxation.com and on Twitter at @CentralRelax !