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EdCorp Founder of the Month: Susan Howey of Fan Faces!

Here at Real World Scholars, we know that rich classroom experiences are created by rockstar educators willing to hand over the reins to students and get out of the way. In fact, the EdCorps Community is made up of educators who do just that! That’s why we’ll be highlighting an educator every month who’s leaning into the entrepreneurial experience in ways that empower their students.

EdCorp Founder: Susan Howey
School: Trombly Elementary School
Grade: Grade 4

Meet Susan Howey! Susan is an educator from Michigan who started Fan Faces with her fourth grade class this year! Fan Faces turns your photos into personalized,  handheld cheering fun! Fan Faces are great for cheering on your favorite people at sporting events, recitals, holidays, birthdays, graduations, and many more celebrations!

Why did you want to start an EdCorp? I was excited to start an EdCorp because I knew my students’ increased engagement would lead to deeper learning (across the subject areas) & more fun! I believe that focusing my students’ talents & energy on something bigger than themselves (our business) would allow for more real world lessons, problem solving, and collaboration. 

What has first semester of running a business been like? Our 1st semester here at Fan Faces HQ has been crazy awesome! We’ve been super busy filling orders, accounting, collaborating, advertising, solving problems, and donating money!

Anything else you want to share with us? We are beyond grateful for the help we’ve had in setting up & running our business! Our mentor (and local business owner) Mrs. Durand has been supporting us since our initial business plan and is looking to help us cross-promote in her boutique, El’s Boutique!  Also, Coach Audrey (from RWS) has been a great source of motivation, feedback, and support for us, we appreciate her! 

Check out www.fanfaces.org and stay tuned throughout the month to learn more about Susan (@HoweySunu ) and the students behind Fan Faces (@Howeys4th)