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EdCorp Founder of the Month: Chris Aviles from FH Grows, FH Gizmos, and FH Leads

Here at Real World Scholars, we know that rich classroom experiences are created by rockstar educators willing to hand over the reins to students and get out of the way. In fact, the EdCorps Community is made up of educators who do just that! That’s why we’ll be highlighting an educator every month who’s leaning into the entrepreneurial experience in ways that empower their students.

Name: Chris Aviles

School: Knollwood Middle School

Grade(s):  Grade 6 – Grade 8


Meet Chris Aviles! Chris is an educator from Fair Haven, NJ who started not one, but THREE EdCorps; FH Gizmos, FH Grows, and FH Leads! When we asked Chris what it has been like to run 3 EdCorps he said there are “a lot of successful failures.” His advice to other EdCorp founders is to “Make it real, and make it relevant.”

A message from our Founder: “Chris is fearless, truly leads by example. He integrates entrepreneurship into every facet of all of his classes, and his leadership has pushed our team rethink what’s possible.” – John Cahalin

Why did you want to start an EdCorp? I didn’t. I started my student-run businesses almost two years ago because my kids asked me to. I owe it to my kids to bring what they’re passionate about into the classroom. Now I run three EdCorps as part of my school technology, innovation, and careers offering. I couldn’t imagine teaching any other way now.

FH Grows is where students learn to be stewards of the environment while selling produce to local businesses and communities. Their tagline is “Growing the extra mile!”

FH Gizmos lives by their motto of “Your Problem Is Our Project!” as the sixth graders sell solutions to your everyday problems.

FH Leads is an 8th grade consulting firm where local businesses hire students to be their competitive advantage.

Check out www.fairhaveninnovates.com and stay tuned throughout the month to learn more about Chris (@TechedUpTeacher ) and the students behind FH Grows (@FH_Grows), FH Gizmos (@FHGizmos), and FH Leads (@FH_Leads)!