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Don’t over think it… Persevere!

Joanna Blanco of Imbue Beauty

My name is Joanna Blanco, I’m in 8th grade, and I am a young entrepreneur. Our business Imbue makes beauty products and I help produce bath bombs and shower flowers. I am the head of the shower flower department.

During the process of producing our bath bombs there was a lot of frustration. When I made our first batch of bath bombs, I had put in way too much color dye; this made the batch gooey, almost like play-doh. For our next batch I decided to try a completely different recipe that called for more water and coconut oil; this made the batch expand when it was put into the molds and stick to the sides when coming out of the molds. No luck! Knowing that the water was causing the expansion, I lowered the amount of liquids. Lowering the water content made them to powdery and they fall apart when they were taken out of the molds. Picture sand on a beach. Agh! I was getting super frustrated and wanted to walk away! I continued to tweak the recipe until eventually it worked. Success!

So why didn’t I just quit?… I was able to overcome my frustration by remembering the reason why I was making the bath bombs in the first place. I remembered telling Mrs. Johnson that I wanted to put inspirational words in the bath bombs to light up someone’s day. In order for the words to get in the bath bombs to achieve the whole goal, I could not give up. I had to be selfless and put myself in our customer’s shoes.