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Confident Kid Entrepreneurs take on The Sunset Market

By Melanie Weisman


I recently strolled around the Sunset Market in Oceanside, CA. This market has been around for 11 years, and brings in over 200 vendors. Thousands of locals and visitors come through this sea of merchants who are selling food from around the world, handmade jewels, and original clothing. As I made my way through the gourmet goodies and live music stage, I found students taking over the pavement, going up to strangers with handmade signage, and asking (or maybe even demanding) for a moment of their time.


I sat back and watched as these elementary school students fearlessly approached…everyone.

I was so impressed with the eye contact, confidence, and creativity. I saw students approach a customer, then quickly reflect, re-evaluate, and try something different the next time.

5 EdCorps. 1 Booth.

There were 5 different businesses from 3 different grades under one booth, yet they were coordinating their efforts, negotiating, and managing each other respectively. Leaving space for each other to conduct business, but also very present and available for feedback and support.

But wait, there’s more!

Next to the elementary students, was another EdCorp made up of High School freshmen who have a business called Oside Kulture! Having the two EdCorp booths side by side gave the whole block a different energy. Vendors and visitors alike could see that this wasn’t just a transactional moment they were offering; this was a learning opportunity. When I asked the students of Oside Kulture “how’s it going?” They launched, without hesitation, into their sales pitch for both their apparel line, and their multimedia services.

These students (and educators) approached the uncomfortable, and I saw their 21st century skills being put to use!

If you can’t experience these entrepreneurs in person, visit them online, or follow their journey on twitter!

Totely Amazing Bags sells creative, colorful, hand painted cloth totes! You can find them at http://totelyamazingbags.com/ and follow them on twitter @totelyamazingba

IveyGozGreen sells vermicompost, utensil-holders, t-shirts, and books! You can find them at http://iveygozgreen.com/ and follow them on twitter @purpledebdahl

BookMart sells hand-made book marks! You can find them at buybookmart.com and follow them on twitter @MsKumabe

Rainbow Colors sells bath bombs and provides a tie-dye service! You can find them at http://shoprainbowcolors.com/ and follow them on twitter @Room12EdCorp

KidSmart sells hard-crafted greeting cards. You can find them at KidSmartCo.com and follow them on twitter @KidSmartIvey

Oside Kulture is an EdCorp that was created in El Camino High School’s 21st Century Entrepreneurial Exploration course. They sell apparel and Multimedia services such as logo design, photography, podcast production and more! You can find them at http://osidekulture.com/ and follow them on twitter at @osidekulture