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Building an EdCorp: A Parent’s Point of View

Year one was such a blast! We’re very fortunate to hear uplifting stories from teachers and students on a regular basis, but rarely do we get to see the impact of building a student-run business from a parent’s point of view. Your daily dose of inspiration coming at you from Sugar Kids Beauty in Rome, GA!

Wow!! What can I say except Wow and maybe a million thank you’s for the life lessons my little boy, Isaiah, has learned this year because of the company, Sugar Kids Beauty! When I first heard about Ms. Greenway’s plan to have a company run by 1st graders, I thought this will be fun and most likely the kids would sell a few jars to doting parents, friends and such. Then things would go back to normal. A sweet, but fleeting experience…

Wrong! SKB has grown into a national and international company. 50 states, nine countries and still going strong. I am still in shock and bursting with pride that 1st graders-6 or 7 year olds have succeeded at a start up business that many companies would love to be able to copy.

Hard work, completely believing in your product, reinvesting in your company, giving back to the community, being able to treat yourself and your friends to a trip to the zoo and having FUN in the process-what a ‘how-to-succeed’ game plan. Add public speaking, bravely selling their products at local events and never, ever doubting for one minute that what they are doing would succeed-

These are only a few of the many lessons that were learned this year. Isaiah has gained self-confidence and readily connects math, science, reading and more in a seamless flow of learning. This has been the high light of his 1st grade year and will indeed be a year that he will remember forever. (and I will also remember the delight in his eyes and joy in voice as he told us about being part of SKB) I am so grateful for Ms. Greenway’s dream and courage to take this step and thankful for those who were the first to believe in her and in her students.

Diana West