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You’ve seen the spark in a student’s eye when they’ve created something that has real value and purpose. What if that could happen in every class for every student from kindergarten to high school graduation? How prepared would your students be to solve real world problems, contribute to a changing workforce, or start their own businesses? The possibilities are endless.

Each year, Real World Scholars provides classrooms with funding to try new ideas and create value with their work. With EdCorps, students run a real business from their classroom. Because the profits belong to the students, they can direct them back to their classroom or to a cause they care about. If you’d like to learn more about EdCorps, or you’re interested in building an EdCorp (no business experience needed!), drop us a line. We’d love to start brainstorming with you about how we can support your students!


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"I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else."

- - Pablo Picasso

Real World Scholars Team

John Cahalin – Co-founder

Our resident visionary, John hatched the idea for RWS when creating an entrepreneurial program for his daughter’s school. Today, he shares this work with everyone he meets: bartenders, Uber drivers, his dentist, everyone. It’s just who he is. He also enjoys music and cycling.

Elyse Burden – Co-founder

Elyse is the architect that transforms wild ideas into workable plans. She is passionate about empowering young people to explore their own ideas and potential. A Jill-of-All Trades, she bounces from helping educators craft game plans to working with community leaders to explore new possibilities for their students.

Audrey Reimer – Program Manager

As Program Manager, Audrey does the heavy lifting involved in supporting the innovative teachers and students behind EdCorps. Audrey came to RWS from the Buck Institute for Education. When she isn’t at work, Audrey is cooking, watching reality TV and browsing dog accounts on Instagram.

Michael Crawford – Director of Strategy & Partnerships

A relentless learner with experience in academia, nonprofits, and startups, Michael grows the EdCorps community. He has a PhD in educational psychology and when he’s not working, Michael is exploring San Diego with his wife, son, and dog.

Adam Mathis – Relationship Manager


As a Relationship Manager, Adam supports EdCorp educators and helps share their stories with the world.  A self-proclaimed travel junkie and former Peace Corps volunteer, he has explored over 30 countries. Adam loves hiking, craft beer, and relaxing with his wife and son.

Melanie Weisman  – Relationship Manager

Melanie is at the cross-section of educational problem-solver and entrepreneurial coach. After launching her own business, she offers an entrepreneurial perspective to the business-building process. Catch her at the beach with her dog, or eating (& drinking) her way through San Diego!


Christen Dunn – Pittsburgh Coach


As the designated camera guys, Hassan is an aspiring entrepreneur that has a passion for multimedia and storytelling. On the weekends, you can find him playing the ukulele or basketball.

Our Partners

The EdCorps Community is made up of young creatives and life learners, community organizations and afterschool programs, incubators and industry mentors. People all over the country are coming together to create space and support for young people to explore their own ideas and make a difference in their communities–local and global. Learn more about some of the community partners that make this possible.