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Wishes for the World

A 1st grade original book created for someone who needs to feel kindness, joy, love, and hope.

$20.00 USD

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About the Store

We're a family of 6 and 7 year old writers, artists, problem-solvers, and entrepreneurs on a learning journey together. We believe in the importance of practicing kindness, respectful conversation, empathy, and social consciousness. We invite you to purchase our co-authored and illustrated book and give it to someone who needs to feel kindness, joy, and love. You're our present and we're your future. Let's work together to spread kindness and a love of books to the whole world. We can make a difference by being active and courageous leaders, change makers, and kindness spreaders. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

"One of a Kindness" Bookmarks

$2.00 USD

Handmade original piece of artwork made by 6 & 7 year old kind kids.

Our Classroom

A Look inside our Kind Classroom

Ann Marie Corgill

Birmingham, AL

About Ann Marie Corgill

Ann Marie Corgill is a University of Alabama alumna and veteran educator with 20+ years of teaching experience. Alabama Teacher of the Year (2015) and author of "Of Primary Importance", Ann Marie is committed to teaching her students social consciousness and kindness on learning alongside her class everyday.