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Maple & Sapele (Medium)

8in x 11in w/ customizable woods

$45.00 USD

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About the Store

Treehouse 37 is a San Diego furniture company created in 2015. To historic building 37 , a former naval training center building, in Liberty station. After it became a school building, it was given the nick name "the tree house. our ultimate goal switch with building custom

Cheese Board

$25.00 USD

6in x 12in w/ customizable woods


$45.00 USD

A twist on our handcrafted medium cutting board!

Our Classroom

A Look Inside the Treehouse

Brendan Cavalier

11th & 12th Grade – San Diego, CA

About Brendan Cavalier

Brendan has at been at High Tech High for five years and has loved almost every minute of it. Before that, he was an Engineer for General Atomics and helped start two theatre companies in San Diego. He's excited to be working with RWS for the 3rd year running now, and is finally realizing how hilariously under-qualified he is to run a company on his own ... but that's where his students step in!