EdCorps Gift Guide: Graduation

Congratulations to the class of 2018! Show the graduates in your life some love with these awesome student-made products: Fan Faces Website: www.fanfaces.org Trombly Elementary School in Grosse Pointe, MI Perfect for any graduation ceremony or party, the fourth graders of Trombly Elementary School have created a special…

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Reflections from the Heart

Founder reflects on the Heroes With Heart Journey By Sherrie Silvio, Art & Maker Teacher, Bethlehem-Center Elementary   Our Journey: In thinking about the past year, I realize just how far the students have come. Our story began when one student had an idea to make a stuffed animal…

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An Entrepreneurial Journey: Corky Kidz

The students and I began our entrepreneurial journey by brainstorming and discussing possible ideas for our business.
We researched our ideas to decide on what we wanted to make and sell in our business.

We were off on a new adventure together.
Once we chose our business, we thought about what materials we were going to need.
We quickly realized we needed lots of wine corks…LOTS of wine corks!

We created a letter asking local businesses, family members, and members of our community for dona

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