An Entrepreneurial Journey: Corky Kidz

The students and I began our entrepreneurial journey by brainstorming and discussing possible ideas for our business.
We researched our ideas to decide on what we wanted to make and sell in our business.

We were off on a new adventure together.
Once we chose our business, we thought about what materials we were going to need.
We quickly realized we needed lots of wine corks…LOTS of wine corks!

We created a letter asking local businesses, family members, and members of our community for dona

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Founder of the Month: JR Pilyih of Regency Grows!

New month, new EdCorp Founder killin’ the game. In honor of Fail Forward February, we are thrilled to highlight JR Pilyih. His EdCorps has had some highs, lows, and a few fish funerals along the way – but they’ve pushed on! Regency Grows started as a business that would grow and…

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EdCorp Founder of the Month: Susan Howey of Fan Faces!

Here at Real World Scholars, we know that rich classroom experiences are created by rockstar educators willing to hand over the reins to students and get out of the way. In fact, the EdCorps Community is made up of educators who do just that! That’s why we’ll be highlighting an…

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7 Tips for Marketing Your Student-Run Business

By: Johan Sotelo Hi! My name is Johan Sotelo and I am an 8th Grader at Sierra Expeditionary Learning School in Truckee, California. I am the Marketing Manager for Jungle Jars Company. Over the summer we were assigned a summer read and this year we had to read…

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Building an EdCorp: A Parent's Point of View

Year one was such a blast! We're very fortunate to hear uplifting stories from teachers and students on a regular basis, but rarely do we get to see the impact of building a student-run business from a parent's point of view. Your daily dose of inspiration coming at you from Sugar Kids Beauty in Rome, GA!

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Google Features Wicked Soap Company!

Awesome news! Google recently visited Matt Martin and the Wicked Soap Company at High Tech High Media Arts to highlight their student-run business and all of the exciting ways that students have been engaged and inspired because of it.

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Jodie and Ashley, Allen Distinguished Educators!

All of our teachers building EdCorps in their classroom impress us with their hard work and ingenuity every day. Now, two of our incredible educators have a Paul Allen Distinguished Educator Award to show for it!

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